Left: Location of the deployed pressure gauge south of Bolmsö island. The pressure gauge was installed at a water depth of approximate 1 m.
Right: The pressure gauge (the tube) before deployment. The gauge is strapped to a stone (ca.25kg) that ensures that it does not change in position, neither in height nor place.
Photos: Clemens Klante.

In a new project, the wave climate at Lake Bolmen will be investigated to gain new insights about the hydrodynamics of the lake and the waves’ effect on water quality. Recent measurements of water pressure will be used to help to calibrate and validate wave models, which will be a helpful asset for analysis of current and future conditions.
Text: Clemens Klante, Sweden Water Research and Lund University.

Wave model to investigate brownification and hydrodynamics at Lake Bolmen  | SITES (fieldsites.se)