Partner meeting at Bolmen Research Station

At Bolmen Research Station, we gather with our partners to discuss the needs and development of the research around Lake Bolmen. On August 22, 2019, a well-represented autumn meeting was held at Tiraholm. In addition to our partners, Sydvatten’s new Chairman of the Board Ilmar Reepalu and Vice Chairman Jonas Jacobsson Gjörtler was present.

Juha Rankinen, director at Bolmen Research Station, and Linda Parkefelt, research manager at Sydvatten, presented the activities at Bolmen Resarch Station the past eight months.

During the year, Bolmen Research Station expanded and an extra floor was added to the building. It contains meeting rooms and better storage areas for research equipment. There is also a permanent exhibition on water and research to spread knowledge of these topics to restaurant visitors and tourists at Tiraholm. On June 6, it was “Bolmendagen” and the Research Station had an open house with lectures and presentations of the station and of the research conducted in and at lake Bolmen. Linda and Juha also presented the research conducted by Marcus Lee, PhD student in aquatic ecology at Lund University, in 2019. His research has largely consisted of analyzes of the brownification experiments in 2018 and the experiments carried out on the AquaNet platform.

Furthermore, Linda and Juha presented what lays ahead at the REsearch Station. Examples that were highlighted were the new doctoral student Anna Borgström who will do research on securing sustainable water use of water resources – synergies in warmer climates and brownification. This autumn Sydvatten will hold 10 water courses of TänkH2O! starting on September 2. Other things that are comming up are SITES AquaNet application to extend the mesocosm network to the EU network AquaCosm and finally the international, regional and local water conference June 4-6, 2020.

After the business presentation there was a “Walk and Talk” dialogue with reflections and ideas about current and future activities. Among other things, there was a discussion about a request for courses for high school teachers to raise the knowledge and awareness for water and water related topics.

The meeting ended it with lunch at Tiraholm’s restaurant. A new partner meeting is planned for early 2020.

Linda Parkefelt och Juha Rankinen

Linda Parkefelt, forskningsledare på Sydvatten och Juha Rankinen, föreståndare på Forskningsstation Bolmen.