National commercial fishing conference 31 Jan – 1 Feb 2019 at CCC in Karlstad

Excerpt from The Swedish rural network webpage 2019-02-05 (Photo: Jeanette Dahlström)

“The theme for the conference was value creation and innovation. How do we increase the value, both economically and socially, from current and future fish  resources. Our thought was to bring together different actors within the commercial fishing business together with authorities, research and stakeholder organisations to discuss current challenges and how we together can work towards strengthening and developing the business. The aim was to see how we can in a sustainable way create increased profitability and resource efficiency within the fishing business.

The conference gathered about 80 participants, amongst fishermen, producer organisations, artisan food developers, researchers, representatives from Leader Sweden, environmental organisations, labelling organisation, decisions makers and public sector from local to national level.”

Presentations from the conference