We have now started this years’ Tänk H2O! (Think H2O!)

We have now started the Tänk H2O! courses of 2019. During five weeks we will teach approx. 900 students as much as possible about water and water supply.

Working with water is one of the most important jobs one can have and water supply is probably one of our most important topics of the future.

Water is the foundation of life and water is our most important source of food. Learning about water from a broad perspective is linked to many subjects including social science, natural sciences, technology and the humanistic subjects and the courses at Think H2O! are interdisciplinary. It is important that the next generation of adults understand the value of water and how dependent life and all activities on earth are on the availability of clean water.

The fact that water supply varies depending on rainfall and season is old knowledge, but these cycles have started to change and this affects a lot more than we’ve previously thought. We do not yet fully know how climate change, population growth and over-consumption of water affect us, but that it has great impact is certain. Good access to water is no longer something you can take for granted in Sweden and we, like many other countries, must start planning for a future with changed conditions.

This year we welcome a total of 10 schools from Lund, Malmö, Ängelholm, Helsingborg and Ljungby!
Learn more about the scholarship Think H2O! (in Swedish)