Bolmen research station

About Bolmen Research Station

Bolmen Research Station is located at Tiraholm by Lake Bolmen, Hylte municipality. The research focus is primarily on environmental monitoring, fish conservation and management, water conservation projects and effects of climate change on freshwater ecosystems. The station is part of a national network of field research stations, SITES, and is open to all universities and colleges that want to research on Lake Bolmen and its surroundings. Educational projects such as Think H2O! is also part of the station´s mission. The public is welcome to pay the station a visit.

Warmer and browner waters decrease production of fish in lakes

Photo: SLU Warming and browning are ongoing processes coupled to climate change, with potentially severe consequences for lake ecosystems. In a new study, SLU researchers now show how the combination of warming and browning of lakes affects fish production (SLU news...

Research station Bolmen participates in research project Lifeplan

Research station Bolmen participates in the 6-year project Lifeplan, which aims to establish the current state of biodiversity across the globe, and to use the insights for generating accurate predictions of its future state under future scenarios. The project is lead...