The Research Station

About Bolmen Research Station

Bolmen Research Station is located at Tiraholm by Lake Bolmen, Hylte municipality. The research focus is primarily on environmental monitoring, fish conservation and management, water conservation projects and effects of climate change on freshwater ecosystems. The station is part of a national network of field research stations, SITES, and is open to all universities and colleges that want to research on Lake Bolmen and its surroundings. Educational projects such as Tänk H2O! is also part of the station´s mission. The public is welcome to pay the station a visit.

Bolmen Research Station officially opened its doors 1 June 2017 and is located at Tiraholm by Lake Bolmen, Hylte municipality. The stations is lead locally by station manager Juha Rankinen. Sydvatten is the head for the facility, while Sweden Water Research is responsible for scientific planning and research.

Sweden Water Research has since 2014 conducted own research on the condition in the three lakes that are western Skåne water catchments, ie lake Vomb, lake Ringsjö and lake Bolmen. Lake Bolmen is out of these three lakes the most important lake since the water-right regulations stipulate a potential to utilise up to 6000 litres/second raw water from Lake Bolmen. The lake has also in 2016 been pointed out by Skåne County Administrative Board as a regional important water resource with high development potential.

Long term engagement in Lake Bolmen

Lake Bolmen is in the foreseeable future Skåne’s most important water source. Knowledge of how this water source change due to climate, weather, ecology, land use etc will be increasingly important to develop and understand so that future water supply can be secured and solved. This is where research and methodology development is crucial, but also close cooperation with other scientists in Sweden and abroad.

Bolmen Research Station, with AquaNet infracstructure, is open for all SITES researchers. Since Lake Bolmen is a raw water catchment for the production of drinking water the link between water quality and the impact on nearly 1 million citizens can be studied. No other lakes within the SITES network is being directly used by so many people.
Lake Bolmen is also a very important fishing lake with a lot of active sport fishermen and professional lake fishermen. Their input on water quality and ecology can provide with new research projects.

Within the station´s mission there are also educational projects such as Think H2O!, a place- and experience-based learning about water directed towards upper secondary schools within Sydvatten (drinking water producer in the region of Skåne) members as well as the municipalities around lake Bolmen.