Ongoing projects

Projects conducted 2018

We looked at brownification of the water and how it affected the water quality and the ecosystem in Bolmen, which is one of Skåne most important water source. The trend is an increased brownification of the water and the project worked to gain more knowledge about how it affects the water, the plants and animals that live there.

During six weeks of experiments in closed systems, so called mesocosms, are took place with Bolmen water. In some of the mesocosms the brown color were increased. Since we used existing water, we got the naturally occurring ecosystem and existing water chemistry. During the experiments we looked at how bacteria, plant and animal plankton react to the brownification and how nutrition, PH and acid levels changed.

Projects conducted 2017

Sites AquaNet.

Fishing survey in lake Stora Slätten, Hylte municipality.

Tänk H2O!

Field study course IM Hylte municipality.

Field study courses Halmstad University.